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                             aura au·ra (ôr’ə)


n. A distinctive but intangible quality or energy field that emanates from a living being;

A luminous radiation.

Aura Yoga & Wellness’ mission is to empower women to live consciously through mindful eating, balanced nutrition, self-inquiry, meditation techniques & Yoga. The  offerings combine the best practices of holistic nutrition, personal development & mindfulness, providing a foundation for whole body nourishment.

Holistic Health Coaching  provides tangible & practical support on:

  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Relationship with Food & Overeating
  • Understanding & Reducing Cravings
  • Nutritional Cleansing & Detox
  • Healthy Food Preparation and Cooking
  • Seasonal Eating
  • Organics
  • Self Care Practices
  • Goal Setting
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Self Esteem & Confidence Building
  • Creating a Healthy Body Image
  • Increasing Energy Naturally
  • Enhancing & Improving Personal Relationships
  • Yoga for Practitioners of All Levels
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Meditation


Sessions are held in a compassionate & judgment-free manner.




stacy levy


Stacy is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Holistic Health Coach based in Chicago. She has been studying Yoga and Eastern Philosophy since 2001, and has been working in the wellness field for over a decade. After completing her trainings at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Yogaview Chicago in 2011, Stacy founded her private practice, Aura Yoga & Wellness, where she coaches women on living consciously through mindfulness, balanced nutrition, meditation techniques and Yoga. Using a soul-centered, bodymind approach, Stacy offers her clients guidance on developing a healthier relationship with their bodies, nutrition and self-care, and offers tangible support on overcoming maladaptive habits and patterns.

Stacy brings her Yoga clients years of dedicated study with highly acclaimed international master teachers from many different Yoga traditions, as well as her own personal experiences on the path. Stacy teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, emphasizing the life-affirming essence of breath and the precision of safely aligned movement. Her goal is to create an inviting space for all to enjoy the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga. In addition to private sessions, Stacy teaches public classes at yogaview and Equinox Fitness Clubs.

Certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Stacy is also certified as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and incorporates Reiky Energy Work into her private sessions. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University and is a contributor to numerous magazines and blogs. Additionally, she is a brand ambassador for lululemon athletic and meSheeky apparel.

It is Stacy’s passion to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to all using Yoga and Holistic Nutrition as vehicles for self-awareness, compassion and gratitude. Email Stacy at StacyLevy@gmail.com.





“I wouldnt be where I am in my yoga practice without Stacy.  After taking my first private with Stacy, I was hooked.   She has a unique way to progress your practice so you continue to evolve and take it to the next level.  Her ability to teach proper alignment in a ‘simple’ way helps me significantly.   I couldn’t imagine learning from anyone else.”- Jason S.

Vasisthasana b&w


“Stacy has worked with my preteen daughter for almost 2 years and their sessions together have become one of the highlights of my daughter’s week. Through her practice, Stacy has improved not onlymy daughter’s balance, strength and athleticism, but also her confidence and self image.  Stacy is a wonderful role model and her influence has been invaluable.” – Karen P.


“Stacy is an amazing yoga instructor and a beautiful person. Her classes are very well balanced providing structure, space and guidance for everyone regardless if they are new to practice or a veteran. She has a fun personality that comes through her music playlists and encouragement to smile when pushing through those long holds or more difficult poses. Stacy takes the time to know her students to provide them with what they need in their practice. She has helped me transform my body, my mind and my relationship to both. I look forward to her classes every week and I recommend her to everyone.” – Lisette F.


“Stacy came highly recommended by a well respected yoga teacher, and I have been an avid follower since taking my first class. Stacy has a unique was of putting together sequences that are unlike any I have done before. I never get tired of her classes, because she uses her creativity to mix up each class. You will always leave her classes feeling stronger, energized and balanced. I am forever thankful for the recommendation!”- Maggie T.


“After starting a weekly class with Stacy this year I can honestly say I have found my far-and-away favorite yoga instructor in Chicago.  She matches a very warm and encouraging personality with a challenging yet highly invigorating practice.  Stacy creates routines that every student can connect with and find their own edge; every session is different, but consistent at the same time, as critical (and I don’t mean standard) and interesting poses are repeated weekly.  I appreciate her creative sequencing of asanas that both build upon and counterbalance one another, how she subtly mixes in ab work without making it “time for abs,” and how she manages to include a high volume of yoga poses all within a cohesive flow.  Her attention to detail while not rehashing the same old routines is very impressive. In a very short time – much of which I attribute to Stacy – my personal connection to my practice has improved along with my fundamentals and flexibility.” -  Greg S.


“Stacy is my absolute favorite Chicago yoga teacher.  After each class I feel invigorated and blissed out. She makes you sweat and can challenge a super expereinced yogi while also guiding the newbies. She gives great alternatives to anyone with injuries and she plays the best array tunes to bend, breathe and flow. I look forward to every Tuesday that I can yoga it up with her.” – Amanda W.


“I walked into my first yoga class with Stacy in 2011 after becoming a new member at Equinox. I had dabbled in yoga for several years at various gyms and studios around Chicago, but never really found a class or instructor that resonated with me until I found Stacy’s class. The warmth and friendliness of her personality shines through in her teaching style, as she genuinely cares about her students, knows them by name, and takes time to welcome everyone to class every time. Her classes are the perfect blend of both challenging and restorative postures, and her demonstrations and verbal cues speak to all levels. So even when I was a beginner, I never felt like an outsider. Everyone is always welcome! Something that makes Stacy’s classes unique is her ability to connect the flow of the class to the music she chooses for each series of poses. Music is very powerful to me, and Stacy always finds just the right song at the right time that gives me the strength to hold a plank for just a few more breaths or totally let go of my day as class ends. I always walk out of Stacy’s class noticing that both physically and mentally something inside of me has shifted.  I’m grateful to have have found her class, to be one of her students, and also to call her a friend. She has shown me how powerful yoga is not only for the mind and body, but also for the soul. She has inspired me to dive deeper into yoga and led me realize my own desire to one day be a yoga instructor, too. I would love one day to be able to bring others the peace and love of yoga that she’s brought to me.”- Abby F.